Artist Statement - Malcolm Ford 

 I started working with glass at a very young age. We lived in Tacoma Washington for a number of years we didn’t live too far from Jason Lee Middle School were there is a glass blowing program so our mother enrolled me and my little brother there. Our mother originally wanted to get into glassblowing in her early 20s but she didn’t have the time.

 I spent about a year in the program after the year I graduated from middle school and went on to high school and at that time I was at the age where I could get a job so Hill Top Artist in residence hired me to do production I would make spinner bowls vases and lots of other things I did that for about two years And then we move back to Seattle and I started volunteering at a local glassblowing studio Pratt Fine Arts Center. That is when things got a little more creative for me I was able to Use the hours I volunteered for studio time. 

And then I got to an age where I figured I need to get a job so I applied to work at a few production studios did that for sometime then decided that’s not what I wanna do. I wanted to create Art that I was passionate about. So I started selling my artwork locally. 

And here I am years later still creating work that I’m passionate about for the world to enjoy. 

Malcolm Ford

Educare School